Flame Thrower Coils

PerTronix Flame Thrower Ignition Coils 40,000 volt up to 60,000 volts. Put the power back into your engine with Pertronix Products.

Not All Coils Are The Same!

Please download the Flame Thrower Application Chart (PDF) here, which will assist you in your decision which coil to buy. This is very important. If you have trouble then please use our parts enquiry page to get help in choosing the right coil.


Flame Thrower Coil Chrome 40,000 volt

Put the power to your spark plugs with the Pertronix Flame Thrower Coil, packs a punch of 40,000 volts

Flame Thrower II Coils 45,000 volt

Pertronix Flame Thrower II coils packing a 45,000 volt punch to your spark plugs, chrome or black.

Flame Thrower III Coil 45,000 volt

Pertronix Flame Thrower III coils are designed for use with our Ignitor III ignition kit, 45,000 volts and electronic ignition feel the difference in your motor and fuel economy.

Flame Thrower HC Coil 60,000 Volt

Pertronix HC coils are 60,000 volts of pure power, specially designed for Pertronix Ignitor II and III ignition systems or can be used with most capacitive discharge boxes.

Performance HV Coil 60,000 Volt

Our HV (high voltage) E-core design yields an incredible 60,000 volts and operates with no degradation throughout temperature ranges that surpass military specifications. Pump up your ignition system with HV