Customers Cars

American Motor Factors own car 1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass Sport 350 cu in TH350 Trans minor mods

Mr Andison 70 Charger restored

Zoe Wrangler

Mark L Impala

Roger (S) 71 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme 350/350 soft top restored

Ed Rod

C3 Vette (can't remember the owners name)

Range Rover V8 fitted with 80 inch shielded side pipes

 Gerald (O) GMC day van

Peter (H) Z28 Camaro now repainted red

Mandy (H) Rod 1932 Model B

Steve (B) Potiac GTO

Race car we sponsored Ford Prefect team owners Nigel Taylor and Arthur (B)

Ed 47 Chevy

Need some serious body work repairs or a hot rod build check out my Good friend Steve Jones at Old Bones down near Andover Hampshire on 01264 772310 ore web