PerTronix electronic ignition systems to fit Chrysler engines from 1931 to 1989. Best electronic system by far, standard cars, performance or race cars. If you don't see your car listed please got to our parts enquiry page.

PerTronix can also offer 12 volt and 6 volt positive/negative ground.

For over thirty years, the Ignitor has proven itself in applications ranging from race cars to tractors


Chrysler Ignition 46 to 48 8 cylinder

Chrysler V8 ignition upgrade, fit a Paertronix Ignitor and feel the difference. Never change points again.


Chrysler Ignition 49 to 50 8 cylinder

Upgrade your classic Chrysler V8 ignition to a Pertronix Ignitor and feel the difference. Fit and Forget.

Chrysler 51 to 58 331 cid

Upgrade you classic Chrysler ignition to a Pertronix Ignitor Kit suitable for 331 cubic inch motors

Chrysler 383 and 440 cid 59 - 71

Change the way your Chrysler 383 or 440 starts, runs and performs, upgrade your ignition to a Pertronix Ignitor kit.

Chrysler six pack motor 68 to 73

Get the best out of your Chrysler 6 pack 340 by upgrading to a Pertronix Ignitor ELectronic Ignition Kit, best avaliable.


Chrysler 62 to 75 All V8 models

Upgrade your Chryslers old points system to a Pertronix Ignitor, simple to fit in less than 30 minutes, once fitted forget it.


Chrysler Electronic Ignition 72 - 83

Upgrade your old Chrysler points system to a Pertronix Ignitor Kit, 30 minutes to fit, improve cold start, performance and economy.