Ford 351 no vac D132810

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Plug n play billet distributors are designed for maximum ignition performance and easy installation all at a price that you can afford. Replace your outdated points or electronic distributor with this performance proven distributor and which features the patented Ignitor® II electronics and a CNC machined 6061 T-6 polished billet housing. Fits Ford 351 no vac advance.

Get the best from your new distributor, fit a Pertronix Coil


  • Integrated patented Ignitor II technology with adaptive dwell control.
  • Cobalt magnets and Hall Effect trigger for stable timing and precise spark distribution.
  • A powerful micro controller with adaptive dwell algorithms constantly adjust the dwell angle to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range for increased high and low RPM performance.
  • Ignitor II compensates for inherent electronic delay by adjusting the spark timing throughout the entire RPM range.
  • Synchronized peak current and spark timing reduces heat build-up.
  • Precision CNC machined billet housings are polished to a high lustre.
  • Tempered distributor shafts have low torsion displacement for accurate timing and longer life.
  • Upper ball bearing and extra-long oil impregnated bronze lower bushing work together to reduce friction and high RPM vibration.
  • Precision stamped advance weights eliminate erratic timing.
  • Adjustable mechanical advance with proprietary limiting functions permits multiple settings. Distributors are factory set with a performance advance curve and are provided with additional springs for custom advance curves.
  • High dielectric strength cap with male or female brass terminals and premium rotor with brass contact.
  • Compatible with most Capacitive Discharge Systems.
  • Warranty: 30 months electronics / Limited 1 year mechanical.


Flame -Thrower billet distributors, are frequently used in tight engine compartments due to their Plug n’ Play design and relatively small size.

Although our distributors fit their intended engine application, each vehicle application must be evaluated independently to insure adequate space for distributor fitment as well as air cleaner and hood clearance.


Brand: PerTronix Flame-Thrower Plug and Play Billet Distributors with Ignitor II® Module

Part Number: D132810

Computer Compatible: No

Trigger Style: hall Effect

Advance Type: Without Vacuum Advance

Ignition Box Required: No

Distributor Gear Rotation: Standard

Distributor Cap Colour: Black

Cap Style: Male

Material: Billet Aluminium

Housing Finish: Polished

Marine Use: No

Please Take Note Of Foot No 75, 76, 89 Prior To Ordering


Foot Notes


Due to variances in 440 cylinder head castings, some cylinder heads may require grinding for adequate distributor clearance


Will not fit wedge engines with aftermarket heads


For off-road/racing use only, not to be used on emission controlled vehicles.


Cannot be used with solid core ignition wires


Will not clear factory Grand Sport Ram Air - air



Slip collar distributor, allows adjustment of installed height, for non-standard deck engines.


Bronze distributor gears available

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