Ford Starter Motor 63 - 1987

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Contour Starter for Fords. Fits 1963-1987 Ford 221-302/5.0, 351W & 351C

Muscle Starter Motor

Fits 1963-1987 Ford 221-302/5.0, 351W & 351C with manual 3 or 4 speed manual transmissions with 164 tooth flywheel. This starter features a special sleek design that looks great in all engine installations. This starter combines form and function with the fully enclosed solenoid protecting key components from the elements and damaging heat. This starter is designed so that the body can be rotated for improved clearance around headers and other parts in tight engine bays. Built with all new parts the Contour starters feature a powerful Nippondenso motor with a 4.4:1 gear ratio and over 200 foot pounds of torque to handle high compression engines with ease. installations.