Chrysler Ignition 49 to 50 8 cylinder

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Upgrade your classic Chrysler V8 ignition to a Pertronix Ignitor and feel the difference. Fit and Forget.

Available in 12 volt neg and 6 volt pos ground


Operating Voltage: 8-V to 16-V DC

Temperature Range: -50 to 300F

RPM Range: 0 to 15,000 RPM

Can be used with most point-type coils, optimal performance achieved when used with our Flame-Thrower® 40,000 volt coil.

Works great in stock point-type distributors as a trigger for multi-spark CD ignitions, eliminating the need for expensive aftermarket distributors.

No complicated wiring makes installation easy.

A solid-state electronic ignition system. "Never change points again!"


The Ignitor II has many of the same great feature that the Ignitor has, but its smarter. Ignitor II units sense the coil current level and use a powerful micro controller to adjust the dwell. Variable dwell helps to maintain peak energy throughout the entire RPM range.


Ignitor II systems develop up to 4 times more energy between 3000 and 5000 RPM than standard ignition systems. High RPM performance is improved when used with the Flame-Thrower II super low resistance (0.6 ohms) 45,000 volt coil.

Adaptive dwell maintains peak energy throughout the entire RPM range, reducing misfires while improving engine performance.

Develops on average 4 times more available energy between 3000 and 5000 RPM, and 2 times more available plug voltage.

Peak current level is reached just prior to spark for maximum energy without the heat build-up, increasing coil and module life.

Adjusts spark timing at higher RPMs to compensate for the inherent electronic delay.

Senses start up and develops more energy for quicker, easier starting. Built in reverse polarity and over current protection shuts down the system, preventing component damage.


Brand: PerTronix Ignitor I, II

Part Number: 1587, 1587P6, 91587,

Part Type: Electronic Ignition Kits

Product: PerTronix Ignitor® Solid-State Ignition Systems

Trigger Style: Hall Effect

Ground: 12 volt neg, and 6 volt pos

Distributor: Autolite, Number IAR-4101 8 cylinder

Quantity: Sold as a kit.


Please Check Footnotes 56, 79, below before ordering

Foot Notes Please Read

1             Excluding California models

2             Factory electronic ignition

5             Canadian models only

8             Single point distributor

10            Dual point distributor

13            Lobe sensor module

14            European models only

15            Excluding lean burn computer controlled                engines

16            Mechanical advance under breaker plate

18            Excluding 215 and 300 cid. engine

19            Mechanical advance at top of shaft

35            Special keeper no.MR-122K required for                distributors without distributor cap

36            Excluding distributor number 1112314

40            With “straight” point set

43            Odd fire engine

55            Also available in 6-volt negative ground add N6                to part number

56            Also available in 6-volt positive ground, add P6                to part number

57            Also available in 12-volt positive ground, add                P12 to part number

59            Single distributor applications

60            Dual distributor applications

61            Kit contains one module for each distributor

62            With six lobe point cam

63            With four lobe point cam

64            With three lobe point cam

65            With eight lobe point cam

71            Late DM2 distributor with one piece point set

72            Fits both single point and dual point distributors

79            Ignitor II applications cannot be used with solid                core ignition wires

85            Point cam felt bracket removal required

86            Requires modification to distributor

88            Ignitor III kit available see page 4 for details

94            Enables one distributor to control timing and                advance for both cylinder banks.

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