Patriot Header Mounted Muffler H3805

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Hi Flo header mounted, bolt on Glasspack mufflers from Patriot are designed with a heavy steel core with multiple louvers for reduced noise restriction and better sound absorption. Their long strand absorption material is used to increase muffler life, and their simple "screw in place" installation makes these mufflers incredibly versatile, they accommodate most 3-bolt header flanges. If you want an awesome exhaust system, go with Patriot!

Case Shape: Round

Collector Diameter: 3.5 in.

Core Diameter: 2 in.

Outlet Diameter: 2 in.

Internal Construction: Glasspack

Muffler Material: Steel

Muffler Finish: Black

Case outside Diameter: 3.5 in.

Case Length: 35 in.

Overall Length: 37 in.

Notes: Header mounted, bolt on style.